Access to test files

How to read files in tests if files are located in resource directory, jar, or in arbitrary place? When we write tests we may store files with test data in resource directory or in arbitrary place on the disk.


Files from resource directory will be included into result JAR file. It means that our test code should be able to read same file from directory and from JAR. When we run tests from IDEA, e.g. IntelliJ, files will be read from directory. But when we run tests like

sbt test

files will be read from JAR as resource file.


A solution is to use class Source with different creation function for each type of running tests.

  * Returns a Source from specified file name.
  * @param name specifies the file; it may be a file in resources and in JAR as well, or it may be any file
  * @return the Source from specified file name.
def source(name: String): Try[Source] = {
  try {
    if (getClass.getClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(name) != null) {
    } else {
  catch {
    case e: Exception => Failure(e)

You may see code with tests on Git



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