Usage of CompletableFuture

Java 8 gives flexible ways to perform asynchronous tasks. One of a such ways is usage of CompletableFuture.

Simple Usage of CompletableFuture

The code demonstrates simple usage of CompletableFuture:

  • Perform a work asynchronously and get a result synchronously
  • Perform a work asynchronously and get a result after a some time.

Usage of CompletableFuture in chain

The code demonstrates usage of CompletableFuture in chains:

  • Perform a work and accept a result – everything asynchronously
  • Perform a work1,then a work2, and accept a result – everything asynchronously

Simple Error Handling

The code demonstrates error handling when CompletableFuture is used without chain.

Error Handling in Chains

The code demonstrates error handling when CompletableFuture is used with chain.


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