Scala – CSV Reader

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Do you need simple pure Scala CSV file reader? If yes, this is for you

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Rainy day on sea

Rainy day on sea

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Ayalon Canada Park

New photos from my favorite place in Israel – Ayalon Canada Park.

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«Nefartiti» в мексиканских мотивах.

via «Nefartiti» в мексиканских мотивах.

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Scala – CSV Reader

Do you need simple pure Scala CSV file reader? If yes, this is for you Continue reading

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Working with JSON in Scala

  • Scala does not support JSON. You need to use 3rd party library. This post is about my experiments with usage the JSON in Scala with three libraries: Continue reading
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Spring Boot: How to disable @Scheduled in unit tests

Spring framework exposes a nice feature to schedule some task: @Scheduled annotation. But this features makes very difficult unit test process – all scheduled tasks start work in any unit test where Spring scanning is used. It means  Continue reading

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Idiomatic Scala: Your Options Do Not Match

Idiomatic Scala: Your Options Do Not Match:

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Types of Observables in RxJava

This is a short reminder about Observable types in RxJava.

Observable is the simplest Observable which can emit more than one value.

Flowable is a Observable which can emit huge numbers of values which can’t be consumed by the Observer.

Single is a Observable which can emit only one value like a response from a network call.

Maybe is a Observable which can emit a value or no value.

Completable is a Observable which has to do some task without emitting a value

Observable type Number of values Handlers
Observable 1 or more onNext, onError or onComplete
Flowable Many with backpressure support onNext, onError or onComplete
Single 1 onSuccess or onError
Maybe 1 or nothing onSuccess, or onComplete, or onError
Completable No values onError or onComplete




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Vertx: Difference between io.vertx.reactivex and io.vertx.rxjava

Each time, when I return to development with Vertx, I have to decide what package to use: io.vertx.rxjava or io.vertx.reactivex? This is a reason, why I created this post.

io.vertx.rxjava package uses RxJava 1. io.vertx.reactivex package uses current RX extension – RxJava 2.

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